I’m buying American Football and Mineral tickets tomorrow. This can’t be real life.

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Have you ever met someone and instantly wanted to do everything in your power to make them happy and make their life better…yet you end up just being really mean to them because you suck as a person and push people away?

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Chalmers - Settling

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Do I amuse you when the night is slow?

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Mineral Reunite For Fest


Mineral will be playing The Fest in Gainesville this October. Check out their band profile on The Fest’s website here!

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Hop Along- Chelsea Hotel #2 (Leonard Cohen)

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I wish things were better here right now
It’s snowing in April, and you’re on the east coast
And I’m still alone

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Baby Blue || KING KRULE

My sandpaper sigh engraves a line
Into the rust of your tongue
Girl I could’ve been someone to you
Would have painted the skies blue

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